Commerce Resources Corp. Updates Metallurgical Programs for the Ashram Rare Earth Deposit

December 10, 2014

December 10, 2014 - Commerce Resources Corp. (TSXv: CCE, FSE: D7H) (the “Company” or “Commerce”) is pleased to provide an update on its metallurgical programs for the Ashram Rare Earth Deposit. The primary objectives of the current programs are to demonstrate the entire flowsheet (mini-pilot / bench testing) through to production of several kilograms of marketable mixed rare earth carbonate concentrate (REC), as well as to produce a sample of high purity mixed RE chloride concentrate, to further establish flowsheet product versatility.

Commerce Resources President Chris Grove states “These are significant results showing continued advancements on the fundamentals for our Ashram REE Deposit. We are fortunate to be able to underwrite programs both in the lab and in the field to advance our world class asset, and further, appreciate the interest we are receiving from industry.”

  • Reproduced baseline flotation flowsheet using varied Ashram feedstock material
  • Improved flotation concentrate grades
  • Improved flotation concentrate recoveries
  • Initial program expanded to produce 500 g of mixed RE chloride concentrate, of high purity, anticipated to further demonstrate flowsheet product versatility
  • Demonstrated successful hydrochloric (HCL) acid regeneration on synthetic solution with up to 66% recovery into 24-26% HCl concentrated solution.
The current testwork is aimed at optimizing the grinding and flotation circuits in a lead up to the implementation of a flotation mini pilot plant that remains on schedule for late January 2015 initiation.

Recent work has successfully reproduced and improved flotation grades and recoveries achieved previously. This further confirms the robustness of the baseline flowsheet developed to date [test sequence of Flotation + HCl leach + WHIMS], which has produced high-grade mineral concentrates of >40% TREO at >70% recovery. Select flotation concentrate results are summarized in the table below.

Table 1: Recent Flotation Results Compared to the Baseline

TestStageMineral Concentrate
(% TREO)
Mass Pull
III Ro 002Flotation12%77%14%
58.34 R+SFlotation9%87%18%
III Ro 004Flotation10%81%17%

It is anticipated that improvements to the baseline flotation concentrate (9% TREO at 81% recovery and 17% mass pull) will improve the performance of the subsequent HCl pre-leach (e.g. resulting in lower acid consumption) and WHIMS stages (cleaner separation). This potentially will result in a mineral concentrate of even higher-grade and/or recovery than previously produced (44% at 71% recovery). A simplified version of the baseline flowsheet is illustrated below.

Figure 1: Base Ashram Flowsheet for Production of High-grade (>40% TREO) Mineral Concentrate

Both mineral processing and hydrometallurgical testing is being undertaken in parallel to optimally advance the schedule for full demonstration of the flowsheet (mini pilot plant and bench tests).

In addition to a mixed REC product, the flowsheet circuit will also now produce approximately 500 g of mixed RE chloride of high purity (i.e. meets impurity tolerances of typical industry processors) for evaluation by third party processors and strategic investors. Mixed RE chloride concentrate is a common feedstock to world separation facilities and the Ashram flowsheet can be easily modified to produce this as well as a mixed REC concentrate, further demonstrating the versatility of its metallurgical flowsheet.

Testing of the hydrometallurgical flowsheet has focused first on HCl acid recovery from the pre-leach circuit. Preliminary results on synthetic samples indicate at least 66% recovery is attainable into a solution of ~24-26% concentration. This suggests the majority of the acid consumed in the pre-leach may be recovered and fed back into the circuit, significantly reducing operating costs.

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